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Our team develops effective content strategies for forward thinking companies. We have a proven track record in increasing search engine rankings.

What is PPC?

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is a format of online advertising wherein the advertiser pays a certain amount each time when someone clicks on their ad. PPC or Pay per click advertising and marketing is an Internet advertising and marketing model which is used to generate clicks to your website. It is the way of directing site visitors to your internet site using applicable key phrases associated with your product or services.

PPC advertising is gaining popularity because of its fast and instant results. Pay Per Click ad campaigns are proven to deliver increased ROI and improved website traffic.

If you are searching for affordable PPC services Delhi, you have landed at the right platform.

The Quality Score

For a cost effective PPC campaign, it’s not just the bid that matters. According to Google’s algorithm, for your ad to rank at the top, your “quality score” needs to be the highest.

So what exactly is the quality score?

Quality score= Quality + Relevance + Bid

Website@500 works to achieve the highest quality score in order to rank your ad at the top of the search result page.

Lets talk about your project!

Importance Of Pay Per Click: Get Google Adwords Management Services

If you are missing out on PPC, you are missing out on a major section of revenue and leads. PPC being a very targeted form of online advertising, results in making your business visible to the right audience at the right time. The conversion rate of this specific online ad type is amazingly high. Not only it delivers higher returns, but is also always under your own control. You can decide to whom, where and when you want your ad to appear and pay only when someone actually clicks on it.

With incredible targeting options, allowing you to be as specific as you want, PPC ads enable you to deliver the right content to the right audience, which increases relevancy and ultimately results in conversions.

In a nutshell, PPC:

  • Delivers instant results
  • Compatible with different marketing channels
  • Control over ad schedules and budgets
  • Provides useful and quality data
  • Easy performance tracking
  • Pay only for clicks

Website@500, the best PPC company in Delhi, helps your business to plan, create and execute successful PPC campaigns. If you are just starting off with pay per click advertising, we are the perfect partners for your successful journey.

Boost your business with instant traffic?

Pay-Per-Click Services

Delivering affordable PPC services Delhi

At Website@500, we believe in quality work and visible quantitative results. With our focus to grow your business online and help you achieve your goals and objectives, we curate and execute Pay Per Click ad campaigns and strategies that are engaging, optimized and result oriented. With our professional and strategic PPC campaigns, you will get instant results and higher Google ranking.

We not only assist you with the creation of the campaign, but will be there throughout the process. Right from finding the right keywords to measuring the returns, we will be aiding you during the entire campaign with our expertise.

Our PPC experts will aid you with:

  • Keywords Selection
  • PPC Audit and Competitor Analysis
  • Bid Management
  • Campaign Mapping
  • Ad Creation
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Reduce Negative Keywords
  • Monitoring and Analysis

With our constant and targeted PPC campaigns, we ensure fast results, quality leads and website traffic, increased conversions and low costs.

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